The Manor Villa

Edera – Margherita – Gelsomino


I am the first of all, and I saw the others being born, one by one, after me.

Once I was a little house with a barn, then I was made more beautiful and bigger, more suited to my master’s needs. He was a doctor with a passion for agriculture. This is why he chose me, rather than a comfortable villa in the downtown where everyone, literally everyone, knew him.
Of this place he loved the music sung by insects and birds, the alternation of colors that change from autumn to spring, the scents of the countryside, , the sunsets of a thousand shades, the peace he found only when he removed his doctor’s coat and was able to spend a whole day in the vineyard.
And he made me beautiful, very beautiful, and alive.

I was the one who heard the first cry of his little daughter, I was the one who watched her games and saw her grow up, year after year.
Now I see her children growing up and, with joy, I also welcome many families who decide to spend here some good moments in their lives.
I carry within me every voice, every story, they give me life, and I give back hospitality, peace and beauty.
I am the
Manor Villa.

Costa Etrusca
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