The Farm

Organic Farm

The Organic Agriturismo Costa Etrusca cultivates approximately 9ha of land following two fundamental criteria: respect for the animals’ living conditions and the absence of pesticides.
The main crop is olive growing, with the production of high quality organic extra virgin olive oil. A part of the production is instead destined for fruit trees for the preparation of jams and marmalades.
The company’s production is completed by aromatic herbs, from which dried lavender and spices for food use and chili peppers are obtained.
The eggs produced on the farm are used of the breakfast and restaurant service.


There should be an open window onto a lavender field and all that goes with it.

Fabrizio Caramagna


“Yellow Gold”

This is how extra virgin olive oil is called, the Yellow Gold of the Mediterranean.
There are many varieties of olive trees, depending on the region or production area.
Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino plants grow on the Costa Etrusca farm.
The result is an organic oil with an intense and delicate flavor at the same time, fruity and with a very low acidity.
As soon as it is pressed it has a slightly bitter and spicy flavour.
The harvest takes place in September, when the olives are still green and preserve all their aroma.


Olive Oil


The orchard and the aromatics

Is there anything sweeter, more inviting and satisfying than fruit that you can pick and eat?
The fruit that colors the breakfast buffet and is transformed into delicious jams ripens on the trees, in the warm Tuscan sun, caressed by a wind that has the flavor of the sea. The jams decorate breakfast cakes and evening desserts and accompany savory dishes as pecorino cheese. They are also dressed up in their jars to be given as gifts or taken home.
And aromatic plants? Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Laurel… How many colours, aromas, shapes… Once again a generous Nature, a rich land, a bold sun and expert hands make it perfumers for wardrobes, aromas for roasts, spices for soups and cheese. The privilege of experiencing the countryside also means this, being able to enjoy the finished product by seeing where and how it grows.


Gallus gallus domesticus

How misunderstood chickens are. For example, the hen is thought to be tame and stupid, al on the contrary, she is a bit bossy, extremely industrious, very attentive and protective of her puppies.
She is also generous in giving us a formidable food, that is so good and nutritious
at the same time. Not all eggs, however, are the same. To be good, an egg must come from one hen that eats and lives well.
Who runs a life according to nature so to speak.
At Costa Etrusca farm this is the way they live.