Osteria Al Braciere

“You cannot think well, love well, sleep well if you haven’t had a good dinner”

V. Woolf

With a wonderful view of the sea and surrounded by greenery,

Osteria Al Braciere is something more of a good restaurant in the countryside, it is a place that fascinates and calms and a journey into authenticity and goodness of the true Tuscan culinary tradition.

When the weather is cooler, you can abandon yourself to the warmth of the large fireplace in the tavern, in a rustic and welcoming atmosphere.

The raw materials are local and seasonal and, thanks to the expert hands of our chefs,
they are transformed in land-based appetizers, soups, fresh pasta, grilled and non-grilled meats and desserts made in the old fashioned way, just like our grandmothers used to do.

Great attention is also paid to vegetarian and vegan dishes, always tasty and available on and off the menu.
Special menus for particular and personal needs are also available if their request is communicated in time.

The wine list is nourished by the land and sun of Tuscany, through an in-depth research
of the best wines of the region and the most interesting cultivation and production methods. A particular attention is paid to the wines of the D.O.C Val di Cornia and the D.O.C Bolgheri.

Osteria al Braciere is open for dinner and on Sundays also for lunch, with a weekly day of rest, on Thursdays.

Reservation & Menu

To check the menu or to make reservations, you can use the Osteria's website


Telefono Osteria: +39 0565/1970903
Whatsapp Osteria: +39 339/8330506



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