Experiences and Surroundings

in the Etruscan Coast

Golden beaches, green hills, ancient villages... a strip of Tuscany where the journey becomes an experience and the experience a different journey every time

The Etruscan Coast is a wonderful strip of Tuscany lying between golden beaches and green hills dotted with ancient villages with winding alleys. It has long sandy beaches, rocky coves and protected bays where you can relax or practice water sports. Its thick pine forests merge from the sea with the greenery of the Mediterranean scrub, in a path made of cultivated fields, rows of vines, centuries-old olive trees and rows of cypresses. It houses small medieval villages with stone-paved streets and squares enclosed by ancient walls where time is dilated, marked only by the sound of footsteps or a bell, animated by voices and human activities in the artisan workshops. Hot therapeutic waters flow from its belly, known since ancient times, first by the Etruscans and then by the Romans and which today offer to the body and to the spirit moments of relaxation immersed in steam, heat and silent landscapes. Parks, protected areas, oases, reserves and wildlife refuges overlook the sea or extend towards hills and promontories overlooking the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, offering paths to be followed in small steps to enjoy the silence and scent of Nature, but also to be lived and experienced through outdoor sporting activities. The Etruscan Coast must also be discovered through its flavours. It is a land of authentic and renowned flavours, worthy of the resonance it has achieved throughout the world.

Costa degli Etruschi
Visit Tuscany

The Villages

There are 15 towns on the Etruscan Coast, and they are gently nestled between the sea and the hills or immersed in the countryside. The seaside villages are vital, welcoming, colorful and lively while the medieval villages have the gift of bringing the past back to life. The latter have paved streets and intimate churches, museums and turreted palaces. From the sea to the hills, a somewhat fairy-tale itinerary unfolds and reveals castles, parish churches, small historic theatres, cloisters and villas hidden in the greenery. Roman and Renaissance evidence is also included in the harmony of the medieval architecture, demonstrating the heritage of civilization and history of these places.

Costa degli Etruschi – I Borghi


Natural areas, oases, parks, reserves, the Etruscan Coast is the ideal place for nature lovers. From north to south, nature reserves and parks run along the sea and host paths that wind through the thick Mediterranean scrub. Walks, bicycle or horseback rides that smell of salty water mixed with juniper, pine, myrtle and mastic. The Tuscan Archipelago National Park is the largest marine park in Europe and includes all seven main islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and some smaller islets and rocks. Seven main islands, seven resurfaced pearls from the necklace that, as legend has it, Venus lost while swimming in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. If you are interested in knowing how to make comfortable daily excursions from our farmhouse to the islands of the marine park, contact us to find out timetables, methods, times and costs.

Costa degli Etruschi – Natura
Visit Tuscany – Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano
Calaviolina Scarlino
Aquavision – Partenze da S. Vincenzo e da Piombino
Maneggio lo sperone
Toscana Ranch
Parco Maremma
Parchi Val di Cornia

Theme Parks

There are many theme parks on the Etruscan Coast and in the area surrounding it and they range from pure entertainment, knowledge of animals and nature or sport and adventure.

Cavallino Matto
Il Giardino Sospeso
Aquavillage di Cecina e Follonica
Parco Gallorose
Canyon Park
Il Tasso Scatenato
Acquario di Livorno
Acquario di Massa Marittima & EXPLORA (museo degli squali e dinosauri)
Il Giardino dei Tarocchi
Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Populonia

Spa and Wellness

Ideal for those in search of relaxation, the Etruscan Coast is in this sense a life-giving oasis since it offers a range of tailor-made solutions among the hills of the hinterland or directly on the sea. The beneficial power of its thermal waters was already known in the times of the Romans and the Etruscans who left so many traces of their lifestyle in this wonderful land.

La Cerreta Terme SPA
Terme a Venturina
Tombolo Talasso resort, relax & SPA Toscano
Garden Toscana Resort SPA
Cascate del Mulino

Art Cities

The Costa Etrusca farmhouse is located in a strategic position to visit the most beautiful art cities of Tuscany with day trips. Here are the times to reach them by car:

Pisa 50min
Volterra 1h
Lucca 1h 10min
San Gimignano 1h 30min
Siena 1h 40min
Firenze 1h 45min
Roma 2h 45min

Sports and outdoor activities

The splendid coastline of the Etruscan Coast offers countless opportunities to practice aquatic sports for experts and beginners. But this coast is also crossed by paths that branch off into the thick woods, with wonderful glimpses of the sea and with itineraries suitable for everyone to follow on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

Trekking Val di Cornia
Trekking a San Vincenzo
Tutun Club
TNT Surf School
Funnybike rent
Universo bikers
Pista ciclabile a San Vincenzo
Vista Buca delle Fate
Cala Violina boat tour
Popeye Boat Experience +39 338 542 9335, Marina di Scarlino
1.Noleggio barche/gommoni/tour a Baratti
2.Noleggio barche/gommoni/tour a Baratti
Noleggio barche/gommoni/gite a San Vincenzo: C.C. GROUP SRL, +39 335 562 3537


Discovering local flavors

A land famous for its excellent wines, for its beautiful cellars, for the production of one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world but also for many other gastronomic products with a unique and unforgettable flavour, handed down from generation to generation, the Etruscan Coast and Tuscany all offer the possibility of a journey into taste like few other places in the world can do.

Petra wine

Tenuta Casadei
Bulichella Winery
Tenuta Argentiera
Guado al Melo
Tenuta di Vaira
Azienda Agricola Campo al Noce
Le Macchiole
Castello del Trebbio