The House of Scents

Mirto – Timo – Lavanda –  Rosmarino – Bellavista – Rosmarinotimo – Lavandamirto

the house of scents

What about me...
more than words,

I create fragrant scents and unforgettable flavors…
But it hasn’t always been like this.
Once upon a time, I was made of sheet metal and collected all kinds of tools and agricultural machines. Male voices resounded between my walls and, in the air, there was a smell of lubricants, paints and solvents.
I cannot say that my current appearance does not please me, I am certainly more beautiful, harmonious and romantic nowadays. But I do not deny my past either. You couldn’t do without me then. I was ugly, but everything inside me came back to life and color, was renewed and started working again. Whether they were shutters or engines it didn’t matter, they came in bruised and came out renewed. Anyone would be proud of such a past. But times change and, finally, my masters have refurbished me.
They even moved me a little, before I was there, now I’m here.
My regenerative art continues to live because within my walls, skillful and industrious hands transform the fruits of our land into exquisite products. The rosemary goes to perfume our oil, the sage is combined with other spices to revive the meat, fruits turn into colorful jams, those beautiful red tinsels called peppers from the plants end up in small and colorful jars, which will leave this place to chill up distant tables , reminding for a few hours of the flavors and colors of Tuscany. Here, I represent transformation, renewal, regeneration, life.
I am the
House of Scents.

Il Timo