Little Guests

Holidays are the great time of year when parents can finally spend time with their children and fully enjoy them, free from work and daily routine.

This moment is usually long-planned, desired and often hard earned, so it is important to find the right place. Research is sometimes tiring and time-consuming and until you get to your destination, you do not really relax! When you used to go on holiday as a couple, it was completely different, but now, with the children….there are so many more aspects to consider!

agriturismo toscana bambini con piscina

Outdoor space

There are many well kept gardens, around the pool, the restaurant, and the play garden, where children can spend time, run and feel the freedom of open spaces and still be safe. There is also the surrounding countryside, where they can walk in the olive grove with their parents, where they can feed Gino and Dada, our ponies, and Margherita, Pispola and Canapiglia, our donkeys, or our goat Marta and piggy Carolina. They are always very happy to receive the visits of our little guests!! The playground is located in a strategic place, clearly visible from the tables of the restaurant, so Mum and Dad can have dinner while the kids, after eating, can run away and play with other children. We also have a ping pong table, where competitions often take place between parents and children.

Area giochi per bambini

Swimming pool

We have a large pool (16×8 mt). Half of it is 250cm deep with a diving board, and the other half is 140cm deep. In 2018 we also built an infinity pool of 14x6mt, 138cm deep. These pools are good for the older, more grown-up children, or for the little ones when they swim with an adult. However, since adults usually do not like to swim as many hours as their children, in 2010 we built a pool for the little ones, where the water is only 50 cms deep. It was a wise decision since it has been appreciated by everyone, starting with our little Chiara! :o) It is important that children are never left alone in the pool. Although we are always present on the property, the pools are not supervised.


The Beach

Our public beaches and the private beaches that we have chosen for our guests are particularly child friendly. They are sandy, children can build castles, tunnels, volcanoes, molds, ball trails and whatever else is in their imagination (or Mum and Dad can organize:o) Our sea deepens slowly and for this reason it is not dangerous. At the private beaches you can rent sun beds, deck chairs and sun umbrellas. You also have services such as bar, restaurant, showers, bathrooms, etc. We have an agreement with a number of them, with a discount for our guests. One of the most interesting public beaches of our territory is Rimigliano Park, that consists of hundreds of acres of oak trees along several kilometers of free beach. The park is well kept, clean and fresh, with wooden tables and chairs to picnic in the shade.

spiaggia toscana con bambini

Restaurant and breakfast room

We have high chairs available for our younger guests. Breakfast has a variety of products for all tastes and a lot of homemade food. Furthermore, as we know children resist sitting too long at the table, we have created a playground close to the tables, where children can play safely under the watchful eyes of their parents. Meanwhile, Mum and Dad can enjoy breakfast in peace. Large colorful cushions made of polyurethane foam, Winnie The Pooh wall paintings, and many games help children to get to know each other, and, if you want to stay a bit longer to let them play more, you can sit on the couches next to the playground, where you will find magazines, books and TV.
“Al Braciere” and its little guests: In winter, unfortunately, the size of our restaurant room does not allow us to create an area with toys, but children will be welcomed and we will be attentive to their needs. On the contrary, in summer, they will have a play garden that is placed close to the tables. This way, once the children are done with their dinner (and that usually happens quickly compared to the parents) they can go to play with other kids, safely supervised by their parents who can keep an eye on them and, at the same time, enjoy their dinner.

colazione agriturismo toscana

A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.

Paulo Coelho

How our territory entertains them

Water parks and more…. There is one in Follonica (south) and one in Cecina (north), same distance from San Vincenzo.

Here children can meet hundreds of species from groupers to morays, from sharks to butterfly fish, from clown fish to lobsters…

30 minutes away.

This is an amusement park for both grown-ups and little ones, where you can spend a whole day, being sure that at night your children (and probably you too) will be exhausted and ready for a good sleep.

A place where you can find some “out of the ordinary” good exercise and fun. Here you will find “zip lines” for traveling through the trees, from platform to platform, and other “acrobatic” trails. There are separate trails for adults and children, and they are all absolutely safe. You can complete this visit to the “Hanging Garden” park with some “Instinctive Archery”.

20 minutes away.

There are many places where your children go horseback riding. Just ask us about them once you are here!

10 minutes away.

Many species of birds live in this gorgeous reservation. Some of them are non-migratory and some others are migratory. To name just a few: the Hawk of the Marsh, the Knight of Italy, the Purple Heron, the White Heron, Osprey and the Pink Flamingo. In the park you can follow the “Nature Trail” or stop at one of the two observatories.

25 minutes away.

For both children and adults, this is a perfect place to observe our beautiful, starry sky. It is also possible to observe the sun during the day.

20 minutes away.

These parks are particularly child-friendly and often organize child oriented shows and visits. At the San Silvestro Mining Park you can ride on a little orange train that goes in and out of the mines. Both Baratti and Populonia Archeological Park have beautiful trails with views of the sea, and these areas are very interesting for teenagers who are already fascinated by ancient extinct populations. These can also be visited by the little ones, since there are wide and safe spaces to run around.

15 minutes away.

It is a place for those who enjoy country walks and watching animals. We do not appreciate the concept of zoo-parks in general, but it is one of the things that this territory offers and it is right to inform you. Many families with children enjoy it. There are many endemic species of animals, but also imported ones.

20 minutes away.

Open movie-theaters; little fun parks for children (to spend a few hours in the evening and not a whole day), with little cars, trampolines, skating, etc. ; puppet shows, beach carnival … Many activities are available during the summer, and we’ll be happy to give you all the information you need during your stay.

It is also for the very little ones. When it’s cold outside, you can enter the hot springs from a warmed-up cave, while in the summer time you can use sun beds and deck chairs all around the thermal pool.

10 minutes away.

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