Osteria Al Braciere

Osteria Al Braciere is located on the property of Costa Etrusca Farmhouse.

In the summer its tables are located outside, in one of the most panoramic gardens of Costa Etrusca, with a gorgeous view of San Vincenzo and the nearby islands.

Each particular aspect of this restaurant makes it a unique place: its handmade tables, the aromatic plants that surround them, the rose bushes, the olive trees, and the country scent that mixes with the salty air coming from the sea. So this makes it not only a good country restaurant but also a spot that fascinates and cheers you up, that finds a little place in your heart.

Our trip in Tuscan tastes starts with hors d’oeuvres with salted meats, cheese and toasted bread with savories and continues with homemade fresh pasta and soups, and gets to its end with the home specialty, the several kinds of meat, grilled in the big barbecue (braciere) placed close to the tables.  Nonetheless, we also have  several vegetarian courses.

In addition to what we produce directly, to create our menus we source our products from Tuscan farmers we have selected over the years. All products are of the highest quality and very fresh.


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Moreover, if you inform us ahead of time, our restaurant will be pleased to respond to the needs of particular diets, like the vegan, vegetarian and gluten free ones.

Our wine list is nourished by the land and sun of Tuscany, through an in-depth search for the best wines of our region and the most interesting cultivation and production methods. Particular attention is paid to the wines of the D.O.C. Val di Cornia and the D.O.C. Bolgheri.

When the weather does not allow us to serve meals in the garden, they are served in the restaurant’s country style dining room, which has a big fireplace, and a cozy atmosphere.

We are open for dinner and, sometimes, also for lunch (in the summer period usually on Sundays). The restaurant is closed one day a week, on Wednesdays.

In order to book a table, you can proceed on your in our website

Once in the website, click on “booking”. In order to cancel the booking please follow the link received in the confirmation email or send us a whatsapp message at +39 3398330506.

Special occasions

Please tell us if you are celebrating a special occasion, we will contribute to make it really special.


"Al Braciere" and its little guests

In winter, unfortunately, the size of our restaurant room does not allow us to create an area with toys, but children will be welcomed and we will be attentive to their needs. In summer, they are free to enjoy the green areas that are placed around the tables. This way, once the children are done with their dinner (and that usually happens quickly compared to the parents) they can go to play with other kids, safely supervised by their parents who can keep an eye on them and, at the same time, enjoy their dinner.


"Al Braciere" and its shaggy guests

Eating out with your dog, what a stress! In some places they are not accepted, in other places someone always steps on them, and in some others they are accepted but definitely not welcomed. None of this happens in our restaurant. In summer our restaurant tables are in a beautiful, peaceful garden, clean and well-kept. In the evening there is usually a pleasant breeze coming from the sea. The grass, the breeze and especially the smell that comes from the grill make it an ideal place for your pets. Obviously, you will have to keep him/her with you, on the leash, but he will enjoy it and will be welcomed. In the winter time, as we have already said, our restaurant room is not very big. We will be happy to accommodate you with your pet, but we count on the fact that he will be well-mannered. As a matter of fact we hope he will be quiet and that he won’t get loud and angry if he sees that there is another pet close to him. This is very important to ensure a pleasant dinner to all our guests, even to the others that have a quiet pet with them.

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