Apartments and rooms

Rooms, suites and apartments located in 4 main houses, all with private entrance.

Our guests stay in rooms and apartments with private entrances, located in various small and larger buildings of our farm house, all around the pool and the central area. Some of them have private gardens, others have open balconies.

They all differ one from the other,and each one of them has been named after plants or flowers that you will find in the property’s gardens. All the rooms and apartments are carefully furnished and are suitable for both winter and summer stays. Our standard apartments are older than the superior apartments,since they are the first apartments that were built on the property. All the superior apartments have at least one garden, one terrace and a view of the sea.

The superiors are not necessarily bigger than the standards. We are very often asked what is the difference between standards and superiors. As we have already said, because they have been built more recently, the choice of building materials and furniture in the superiors has been more modern and careful.

All our apartments have window screens.
Wi-fi connection in the whole property

Apartments video

Casa degli Aromi

Casa dei Sapori

Casa del Fattore

Casa dei Ricordi