Shaggy guests

Our farm houseis and has always been a welcoming place for those who like to spend their holidayswith their COMPLETE family.

As a matter of fact, thanks to numerous apartments with private and fenced gardens, to a very pleasant summer breeze, to the fact that there are no forbidden areas for dogs, and to our proximity to ‘dog-friendly’beaches, our shaggy guests can benefit from a pleasant holiday as much as their owners.

Agriturismo Toscana con cane

The four closest dog beaches are:

Dog Beach San VincenzoDog BeachSan Vincenzo

It can be used as a free beach but it is also possible to rent sun umbrellas, deck chairs, sun beds, etc. It is only a 5 min. drive from our farm house (about 5 kms).
It is possible to obtain a 10% discount through a card that you can buy at the Dog Beach.

Dog Beach BarattiSpiaggia libera di BarattiBaratti

Free beach for dogs. It is not the most beautiful one but it is located in one of the most impressive natural and historical places in Tuscany. Distance from us: 10 min. drive, about 13 kms.

Pascia beach, parco della sterpaiaPascià BeachPiombino

Lovely private beach where dogs and humans are spoiled by the beach owners in a very clear beach with limpid waters. Distance from us: 15 min. drive, about 18 kms. Website:

Parco di Rimigliano, animali ammessiParco di RimiglianoSan Vincenzo

Rimigliano natural reserve can be described as the most beautiful and evocative place of the San Vincenzo costal area, which will surely linger in the memory of the lucky visitors who have the chance to spend some time by its sea or in the pine forest which leads to the beach. The park consists of 120 hectares of magnificent pine forest stretching along 6 km of public beach, which extends along Via della Principessa.



Sometimes we welcome dog ownerswhoseem to be kind of traumatized from previous experiences, as if they had the feeling that they wouldbe disturbing to othersbecause they havecome on holiday with their animal/s. Please do not feel like this, well-mannered animals give most humans the same positive feeling that children grant: happiness and tranquility. It is a pleasure for us to accommodate them, it is not a burden.

Swimming pool


We kindly ask you to use the gardens around the swimming pool instead of the fire-brick pavement and to clean the grass in case of defecation of your dog/s. Here, they will be able to relax with you, thanks to the freshness of the grass, and people will benefit from a clean environment. As a matter of fact, the gardens around the swimming pool are often used without shoes.



Same requirements that we gave for the breakfast room, but in this case please tell us when you book the table fordinner, so that we can assign the most appropriate table for you and mostly for the needs of your animal (shade, grass, freshness, tranquility, etc.)

Breakfast room


Your animals, if well mannered, can stay with you also inside the breakfast room, on the leashand close to your table.

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In summer period we only rent weekly from Sunday to Sunday.
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