The Farmhouse

We have a 9 hectares plot of land from which we try to have good results following 2 criteria that are fundamental for us.

The first one is respecting the living conditions of our animals: they are not isolated in narrow spaces, they are not mistreated, and they are fed with only natural food. The second one is not poisoning our land, our trees, and the air we breath with pesticides.

We would rather keep some little worm in our fruitand remind ourselves when, annoyed, we find it inside an apple that we are about to eat, that if that fruit is healthy for a worm it is healthy for us too.

Most of our land is cultivated with olive trees, from which we obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil. A smaller part is cultivated with fruit trees and grapes, so that we can have fresh fruit for our guests and we can prepare some good jams.


Anyway, do not worry, we have no intention to give you lectures about the good life once you are here.

For us it is definitely enough to be able to create a serene and simple environment, hoping you will like it as much as we do.

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In summer period we only rent weekly from Sunday to Sunday.
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